Twin Cities Veterinary Clinic

47303 Healing Court
Soldotna, AK 99669


Dr. Jim Delker

Dr. Jim Delker is the co-owner of Twin Cities Veterinary Clinic with his wife Dr. Debbie Mersch (Delker).  Dr. Jim attended South Dakota State University where he recieved a Bachelors in Animal Science.  He completed his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Minnesota in 1996.  He and his wife practiced in South Dakota and Minnesota for a number of years before moving to Alaska in 2003 when they purchased Twin Cities Veterinary Clinic from Deb's Uncle (Dr. Steve Mersch).  Dr Jim has a special interest in hunting and sporting dogs. He enjoys soft tissue surgery and performs a variety of orthopedic procedures including fracture repair and anterior cruciate stabilizations.  His hobbies include most outdoor activities including coaching soccer.  During his free time he can frequently be found with a fishing pole in hand. 


Dr. Debbie Mersch(Delker)

Dr. Debbie Mersch is the co-owner of Twin Cities Veterinary Clinic and the spouse of Dr. Jim Delker. Dr. Debbie lived in Soldotna as a child then moved to Minnesota when she was about 9 years old.  Dr. Debbie graduated from St. Olaf College with a Bachelors Degree in Biology and completed her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Minnesota in 1996. She and her husband practiced in South Dakota and Minnesota for a number of years.  In 2003 they moved their family to Alaska when they purchased Twin Cities Veterinary Clinic from Deb's Uncle (Dr. Steve Mersch).  This was no coincidence as Dr. Debbie comes from a long line (4 generations) of veterinarians, with two uncles, a grandfather, and a great uncle who also chose to pursue careers in veterinary medicine.  Dr. Debbie has a particular fondness for cats which explains her profound interest in feline medicine.  Dr. Debbie works part time at the clinic since she devotes much of her time to her children. 





Dr. Gary Kuchinka

Dr. Gary is another midwest (Minnesota) "transplant."  He completed his undergraduate degrees in Biology and Chemistry at St. Olaf College (MN).  From there he attended Iowa State University where he completed his Masters Degree in Veterinary Microbiology and Preventative Medicine.  After a year of research studies he was admitted to the Iowa State Veterinary School where he completed his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1994.  Since that time he has practiced in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Alaska.  Despite migrating back to the midwest for a time, his love for Alaska eventually brought him back to the Kenai Peninsula.  Dr. Gary is experienced in both soft tissue and orthopedic surgery.  He has attended numerous surgical conferences and specialty training sessions including the "Tightrope" ACL repair.  His hobbies include snow machining, four wheeling and beach-combing for agates.







Dr. Taby Perkovich

Dr. Taby has been with Twin Cities Veterinary Clinic since 1997.  She received both her Bachelors Degrees from Texas A&M in both Animal Science and Biomedical Science.  She continued on at Texas A&M to complete her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1981.  Dr. Taby and her husband farmed and raised a variety of critters in the Midwest, before moving to Alaska she practiced medicine in Texas, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. She started her career in mixed animal practice performing farm calls on animals from large to small.  Since moving to Alaska her practice focus has shifted to family pets.  Now Dr. Taby enjoys internal medicine and diagnostics.  Her hobbies include gardening and chasing around to any one of her children's activities.    

Dr.  Vicki Craig

Dr. Craig joined us in November of 2017.  She is a graduate of California Polytechnic University-Pamona with Bachelors Degree in Animal Science.  She went on to complete her Doctor of  Veterinary  Medicine at Oklahoma State University, graduating in 1994.  She is an experienced practitioner with special interests in small animal medicine including avian, pocket pets, exotics, as well as wildlife.  She also has interests in Oncology and Disaster Medicine.  Dr. Craig has lived in Alaska since 2006 having lived in Homer for a number of years, she then moved to Wasilla for 4 years before joining us here. Her hobbies include fishing, hiking, snow shoeing and reading.